California Real Estate Agents Numbers Increase

It is common for the number of real estate agents to increase during good times and dwindle in the rough patches and the number of California real estate agents might be starting the turnaround.

California real estate agents peaked at the end of 2007 which plays right into normal trends. Housing activity hit its high in 2005 with prices hitting highs in 2006.

Today, California has 34% fewer real estate agents than it did in the 2007 peak but August showed the first month over month increase since that time.

What does this mean for home buyers and sellers?

This shows the importance of knowing how long the Realtor you choose has been in the business. Do you want to work with a brand new agent that is just in it for the next wave or an agent that has been through multiple real estate cycles? Market knowledge and experience can help define the success of your goals.

Keep in mind, real estate is very local and crossing state lines from California into Nevada can make a huge difference in laws and market conditions. To take that one step further, different counties or even neighborhoods can be dramatically different. is here to help you find the right Realtor to fit your needs. Find a Realtor.


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