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Lexington Fairness Celebrates 15 Years

Lexington Fairness Celebrates 15 Years

Lexington Fairness celebrates the 15 year anniversary of the successful passing of a local fairness ordinance preventing discrimination based on sexuality or gender identity in work, housing and public accommodations. In doing so, Lexington Kentucky lawmakers stepped up to the plate to help protect the LGBT community that was not being treated fairly in many… Read more »

Buying Naked – TLC New Show

Buying Naked is a new, 2 part, reality show airing November 20 at 10pm EST. The show takes place in Pasco County, Florida and features home buyers in the nude.

QR Codes and You – Scan One Now & See

QR Codes, in real estate, can give you a tremendous amount of information is just a couple seconds on your smartphone. Take a tour, get details or contact the agent immediately.

Open House Success Begins with Trust

When you are buying a home or listing your home for sale, you have a lot to consider. If you are buying, you will no doubt be viewing and walking through many houses in search for the one that makes you feel “at home.”

Swim Safely & Securely This Summer

Summer is here, bringing with it beautiful sunshine, warm weather and children with a lot of free time on their hands. Much of that time is likely to be spent swimming, whether at the beach or a local pool, and so some reminders on safety tips are in order.

Reel Affirmations

Reel Affirmations – Celebrating 20 years of bringing LGBT films to the nation’s capital. This year’s films represent a fabulous assortment of LGBT to fit everyone. With 55 films in 8 venues, these 10 days keep you busy.

Market Snapshot

Let’s Be Green! After years of sending paper versions of Comparative Market Analysis Reports (CMA’s) out to the community, we have implemented a new service called Market Snapshot. We are excited about the opportunities it provides because it gives YOU the control to review instant up-to-date reports when you please. The first step is to simply input general details about your home and letting the system know when you want the report link emailed to you (usually monthly) and that is it.

Washington DC Homestead Deduction

Homebuyers ask often about the Washington DC Homestead Deduction. The potential tax savings over the year can be hundreds of dollars. We can assist you with the application so you can take advantage of the savings as soon as possible.

3% Down Conventional Financing

I ran across this and wanted to share it as an alternative to FHA 3.5% down payment financing. FHA financing is used tremendously right now for purchasers that are not looking to put down 20% on their home purchase. FHA (Federal Housing Administration) loans do have some challenges for condo that do not meet specific requirements like FHA loan concentration.

Renovate your kitchen or bath?

You’ve decided that your kitchen or bathroom is due for a facelift. Where to start?Metro Weekly takes on that time tested question. “Local real-estate agent Evan Johnson suggests that if you can only afford to do one, focus on the kitchen.”

Gay Real Estate in DC

Washington City Paper “There Goes the Gayborhood: Gay real estate isn’t just about Dupont Circle anymore” Evan Johnson, a real estate agent with Coldwell Banker, has two business cards. One, a conventional rectangle, simply says “Evan Johnson Realty Group.” The other is fancier, with two curved corners. It reads: “Evan Johnson, Realtor,” with “” on the back.

DC First Time* $5000 Homebuyer Tax Credit

The $8000 federal tax credit deadline to get a home under contract my be up but that does not mean you are out of luck in Washington DC. The DC “First-Time Homebuyer Individaul Income Tax Credit” is expected to be voted in retroactively as years past has proven. The credit has been over shadowed by the federal tax… Read more »