Spider Webs And Selling Your Home

spider webs and your home

While selling your home, it is best to have it show like a gem inside and out. A home I recently listed for sale had a special problem outside that we had to combat. Spider webs on the windows were everywhere. They were not really too noticeable from the outside, but from looking out the windows from inside, they were right in your face. Here are some hints for spider webs.

Pillowcase Trick

If you have spider webs on any outdoor furniture or fixtures that need gentle care or that can’t get wet, use this little trick. Tie an old flannel pillowcase securely around a broom. Use it to gently remove spider webs around light fixtures or other delicate items. It’s great for use inside your home, too.

Broom and Leaf Blower

A good sweep with a stiff outdoor broom should take care of most of the debris and cobwebs outside your home. A leaf blower will do a good job, too, though they can be rather loud. Wear ear protection when using one. If there’s any mess left after you’ve swept, spray the outside of your home down with a hose with the water pressure turned up.


Sometimes spider webs really get out of hand, and you need to take preventive measures. You can call in a professional exterminator to take care of the spiders around your home. You can also try a bug spray. A visit to the local garden store should put you on to a good one. Follow the directions on the bottle carefully and make sure to keep all poisons locked away from children