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Press Release

MyGayAgent.com is pleased to announce the expansion of it's LGBT Real Estate service provider directory. This new service includes Realtors, Title/Escrow Companies, Mortgage Lenders, Insurance Providers and more.

Since 1999, MyGayAgent.com has directly served home buyers and sellers in the Washington, DC metro area with over $100 Million in sales. Nationwide assistance was on a case by case referral basis.

This new directory allows real estate service providers to directly create a profile of services and help home buyers and sellers find LGBT or LGBT friendly options in their community.

Additional site enhancements are rolling out on a daily basis and expect to be fully operational by October 1, 2013.

For immediate assistance in the Washington, DC metro area, please visit EvanJohnosn.com

About MyGayAgent

Serving the LGBT community since 1999, MyGayAgent.com is a directory for LGBT and friendly Realtors, Title/Escrow Companies, Lenders and more.